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EFF Statement on the provisional sequestration of the cic

10 February 2014

Following the decision of the Pretoria High Court today to provisionally sequestrate the Commander in Chief, Julius Malema Economic Freedom Fighters categorically states that it fully and firmly stands behind the CIC. The provisional sequestration of the Commander in Chief Julius Malema by the High Court does not disqualify him to stand for public office, as some sections of the media suggested.

EFF is of the conviction that this sequestration by SARS remains part of a continuous onslaught to silence the agenda of economic freedom in our lifetime. In addition, it seeks to disqualify the most vibrant and radical representative voice of the disadvantages, fighter Julius Malema from serving in parliament.

The South African Revenue Services continues to be used by those in the ruling party who fear to meet EFF and the CIC in particular on the ballot, and now want to use courts to take the inevitable electoral victory of the EFF led by the CIC out of the race. The EFF and CIC must be met in elections and rejected by the electorate, not by SARS or the courts.

Economic Freedom Fighters reaffirms that Commander in Chief, Julius Malema remains the presidential candidate and will lead EFF into electoral victory and parliament. Before the 26 of May, CIC will challenge the provisional sequestration and if not successful, we shall appeal the decision until the highest court of the land.

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  1. All these court processes can only make the CIC to grow stronger to cause pain to the ruling decayed ANC. Trying to destroy the CIC is not a solution. We won’t rest until the corrupt ANC is out of public office. We know where we are going and we won’t be distracted.

  2. The Mpisane case is also another clear indication of this–> “The South African Revenue Services continues to be used by those in the ruling party”

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